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Beijing SWORD Electric Industrial Co., Ltd, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Beijing, is a High and New Technology Enterprise specialized in R&D and production of Electrical Driving-Control and Motor, with two branch offices in Shenzhen and Shanghai. We offer sales and service of BDFM power generating system, brushless electric ship propulsion system, CNC machine spindle system, composite drive motor system, new traction machine, high-performance vector inverter and integrated elevator control system.

 In order to better serve the booming industry market, SWORD has integrated its own advantages by closely combining the products, systems, solutions and services. The professional R & D team and technical services team of SWORD can undoubtedly help co-partners to increase market competitiveness and enhance sustainable value. In the future cooperation, SWORD will make a more targeted response to demands from our co-partners and customers.

SWORD is now searching for distributors in fields of elevator, marine, machine tools, and mining. As an authorized distributor of SWORD, we shall specify dedicated sales personnel to keep contact of your company, providing products, systems, solutions, order processing support and other related services. So, if you are interested in becoming co-partner of Beijing SWORD Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., please call 010-67878700 for details or fill out the distributor application form and mail/fax it to us.

We look forward to working with you and growing together in the coming days!

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